About Gary Des Roches' Web Page


I have been running web servers for way over 10 years now.  My own web server was orginally the NCSA web server which has been upgraded to the Apache server.   This page is from a server I rent by the year from Netidentity where you can probably get your own page.

Server Environment:

My own server, now on my home internal lan, is running on an HP 9000 712/60 workstation with an operating system revision of 10.20.  I have no idea what kind of computer is showing the page you're now seeing.

Page Creation:

I used to start with a template for a web page using MS Word or Netscape Composer and then typically hand edit the html, writing the code directly.  Lately I've been using the Netscape Composer editor.  It isn't fancy but it takes care of most of my basic needs.   I have a big box of tools for imaging now including a digital camera, scanner, interface to my video camera, and several packages of software like the  Micrografx program called Picture Publisher , Dazzle (came with both software and hardware to interface the video camera), and Pagis for scanning text and graphics in.

The picture you see as my home page was created using Picture Publisher, a Micrografx product, on my PC.  Each of the "buttons" were created mostly manually after an example in the Picture Publisher tutorial.  As you probably have already seen it has "hot" spots on it to get to different web pages.  These "hot" spots are client side oriented which means the code came down in the html that tells where the "hot" spots are and what to do if some one selects one.  These days sure are easier than the old days where the x/y coordinates had to be figured out and a special program put on the server to allow the "hot" spots.

My home page is updated now and then to both correct the content and make it as professional looking as possible while still maintaining my personal style.  Currently it serves both as my personal web page as well as a site to show off  my resume in UNIX systems administration.

Errors, Feedback, Suggestions:

I very much appreciate interest in helping me improving my web server.
For any problems, feedback, or suggestions please email me:  Gary@desroches.com