About Gary Des Roches

I was born in Rumford, Maine in the fifties.  Shortly after I was born I moved to Duluth, Minnesota.  From there, at about 3 years old or so, my Father went to work over seas, and the rest of the family moved back to Rumford.  A few years later, when I was 6, we moved to Germany to live as one large family again.  Since that time I've lived in Texas, Colorado, New York, California, Idaho, and now Georgia.  As you can see I move a lot.

I enlisted in the United States Air Force after attending Gen. H. H. Arnold High School , and got the Vietnam era veterans benefits even though I enlisted after the official involvement in that war, which was in one of the few years there was no draft and no requirement to sign up for selective service.  The funny part here is I enlisted to see the US.  You see, I was still in Germany and had no profession to call my own, no significant amount of money to survive on, and no place to go.  It was at that time I ended up in Plattsburgh, NY.

I've been married 3 times.  My current wife, Dac, is great.  She originally came from Vietnam right as the war was ending.  Recently she got her US citizenship.

Currently I am a UNIX systems consultant with recent experience in disaster recovery.  I have a well rounded background with experience in networking.

One of the web pages includes the Des Roches family genealogical information I got in a chart from my Father.  I am related on my Mother's side to the Lamson Family of Jonesport, Maine.

An interesting story on that side of the family is I'm a direct descendant of Abigail Lamson who was convicted in Salem, Massachusetts of being a witch.  She survived because she "swore on her belly" which was a legal term of the time saying she was with child.  Oddly to me in the old days in Salem a person could be a witch but the baby was innocent.  Fortunately for her (and me) Abigail got spared when the governor of Massachusetts stopped all the sentences after his own wife was accused of being a witch.

I lost contact with my high school friend, James P. Sprague, who went to the Coast Guard some time around 1976.  I believe his parents lived in Little Rock, Arkansas at the time.  If you know his where abouts please email me or give him my email address: Gary@desroches.com

Lately I've been enjoying amateur radio in my spare time.  My call sign is N6OEU.  I just upgraded from the technician level to the general level license.

In the AIM chat software from America On Line my name is gary3des .   You can find me there much of the time.

Email to Gary@desroches.com