Gary G. Des Roches

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Computer professional with over 15 years of experience in Solaris, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux and AIX UNIX installation and configuration including file system layout, networking and application support in SAN based environments. Senior IT professional with broad experience maintaining high availability for large enterprises using load balancing systems, high availability clustering and disk arrays. Demonstrated capability to lead teams while under pressure to troubleshoot interdepartmental technical issues, identifying hardware, configuration, patching, database and application problems using troubleshooting techniques and system metrics. Adapt quickly and creatively to new technical issues. Outstanding communication skills, interfacing with the highest levels of management, peers, users, and external suppliers including large national and global companies. Exceptional commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Computer languages: ksh, awk, sed, perl, c, BASIC, FORTRAN, Pascal





Consulting Engineer 2007 to October

         Install Opsware Server Automation System software

         Advise customers on computer and network requirements

         Recommend Server Automation System infrastructure

         Customize provisioning of Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and AIX

         Provide consulting services to meet specific customer requirements



Infrastructure Analyst

Crisis Management Team 2006-2007

         Lead teams of experts in operating systems, database, applications and networking to resolve enterprise wide problems.

         Manage and follow technical solutions for chronic problems to get permanent resolution.

         Listen carefully to end user description of problem in order to understand the problem in detail so as to drive as quickly as possible to the correct solution.

         Work with the senior management to satisfy business requirements in proceeding as efficiently as possible to the solution.

         Extremely flexible in working hours.

Build Team 2006

         Install and configure Solaris, HP-UX and AIX operating systems.

         Work with application teams to lay out the file system.

         Analyze and adjust kernel parameters according to application requirements.

Systems Team 2001-2005

         Maintain large numbers of Unix servers:

         Sun Solaris, 5 years

         HP-UX, 15 years

         IBM AIX P-Series, 1 year

         Maintain patch levels. Expert at HP-UX patching.

         Write or modify alarms to address problems which can be predicted or have occurred to monitor or prevent interruptions to critical business applications.

         Wrote procedures on installing and working with Secure Shell and other Unix utilities.

         Troubleshoot operating system problems with particular knowledge of how to separate software from hardware problems on HP-UX.

         Exceptionally good at isolating problems between hardware and software.

         Wrote scripts in korn shell and perl to help maintain very large numbers of servers using awk and sed as necessary.

         Responsible for identifying and monitoring backups of file systems.

         24 hour responsive to any issues related to midrange computers on a team basis.



HEWLETT PACKARD COMPANY (in GA, ID and CA locations) 1980 - 2001


Disaster Recovery Specialist, HP-UX Systems Administration (1999 - 2001)

         Member of the highest level UNIX Response Center Engineers.

         Took total responsibility for resolving trouble calls, including diagnosis, resolution or escalation, and followed through to closure.

         Performed disaster recovery of systems belonging to Fortune 500 customers such as AOL, MBNA, Wal-Mart, and others.

         Used crash analysis programs and system files to solve hardware and software issues.

         Engaged other resources, including the expert center and the UNIX lab, to determine why a system crashed.

Response Center Engineer, HP-UX Networking (1997 - 1999)

         Assisted customers in resolving network issues including NFS, NIS, and DNS problems between systems inside a local area network.

         Determined the correct patches for specific network cards and general networking problems like ARPA transport problems.

         Assisted customers with Network Nodemanager configuration problems.

         Corrected sendmail configurations, enabling proper functionality of e-mail.

Response Center Engineer, HP-UX Systems Administration (1996 - 1997)

         Assisted customers in resolving Logical Volume Manager problems where the logical volume could no longer be mounted.

         Successfully troubleshot print spooler problems.

         Identified basic systems performance issues for referral to consulting services.

         Wrote customized procedures to assist with HP-UX configuration.

Functional Test Kernel Programmer, LaserJet Test Group (1994 - 1996)

         Correctly configured PCs to communicate with UNIX computers.

         Served as departmental Web Master.

         Wrote supporting scripts using sed, awk, and ksh to allow leveraging of legacy LaserJet factory test code.

HP Functional Test Kernel Programmer (continued)

         Was the systems administrator for the Functional Test Management server, which centralized the functional test code.

         Modified the kernel code cyclic redundancy check so the monochrome code could be used to test color printers.

         Created a motif based graphical interface for a custom programming environment.

         Wrote scripts to modify source code to run on new versions of the compiler.

Unix Systems Administrator, LaserJet Test Group (1990 - 1994)

         Provided critical system support in the LaserJet factory for which down time cost $1000 per minute.

         Shortened test time per board by 35 seconds by specifying $500,000 in upgraded test system computers, saving the factory about $400,000 a day.

         Increased the availability of the test computers by specifying and justifying uninterruptible power supplies for the servers.

         Ported the wire wrap machine program from hpl to a PC.

Unix Systems Administrator,
United States Project Center (1989 - 1990)


Board Test Programmer, United States Project Center (1987 - 1989)

         Served as liaison between the board test department and external fixture vendors.

         Programmed complete analog and digital tests as a board test programmer for companies such as Raytheon, Hughes Aircraft, and General Dynamics.

Instrument Repair Technician (1980 - 1987)

         Repaired to the component level instrumentation including telecommunications equipment, network analyzers, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, and signal generators.

         Calibrated test equipment.

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, Plattsburgh, New York


Precision Measuring Specialist

         Repaired and calibrated electronic and physical/dimensional measuring equipment.



Computer certificates include:

Systems Administration and Network I

Systems Administration and Network II

Systems Administration and Network III

Shell programming

Network Node Manager

HP-UX Troubleshooting

Veritas Cluster

Veritas Volume Manager

Computer Information Systems

Associate Degree in Applied Science

Graduated "With Distinction" from Riverside Community College, CA



IBM PSeries AIX System Administration